‘All In’ With Platnum – Supporting Lighthouse Goa

Bespoke jewellery and creating unusual and unique pieces for like minded individuals is our one of our two deepest passions –  the other is MUSIC!! When we started Smash & Grab we wanted to make it our mission to work with upcoming artists and DJs. We have recently done just that, teaming up with All In Recordings, a new Manchester based independent record label who are about to take over the music world!

The first act to launch, (or re-launch more specifically having racked up a string of hits previously before taking some time out) are Manchester’s brightest young stars, Platnum A.K.A Aaron, Michelle and Mina. They have just completed an album consisting of some weighty collaborations with established producers such as Poet (Will I Am collaborated for Black Eyed Peas ) and Chew Fu who has produced for such acts as Lady Gaga , Mariah Carey and Katy Perry to name but a few.

Having got to know the trio through mutual friends and a spot of coincidental universal alignment, we were delighted when they decided to take our jewellery to LA to wear whilst they were over filming their latest video Solar System.


Above – Michelle flexin’ a bit of Smash & Grab in LA.

We caught up with them on their return at a charity event for the Lighthouse Project, an amazing cause run by the family of our mutual friends from Manchester, who run an orphanage in Goa. It was great to see the guys turn up and perform and we were also happy to see the gorgeous Mina fully decked out in Smash & Grab…




Above – Mina doing her thing with Michelle & Aaron at the Lighthouse event in Smash & Grab pendant and cuff.

Of course this is just the start of things… pre-order Platnum’s new single Solar System on iTunes here and stay tuned for the 2012 takeover… All In!!

Support the Lighthouse Goa

Follow the All In Family on Twitter:






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