Jewellery Inspiratio​n From Dubai: All That Glitters

Independent jewellery brands need to keep their product as unique and exclusive as possible, according recently published research highlighted by Sterling Silver in this Jeweller Magazine article.

At Smash & Grab we like to use our own personal photographs from our travels to keep our offer fresh…. Ok, we put our hands up and admit it, we’ll use just about any excuse to go globe trotting, but when the doom and gloom of January truly sets in, who’s really going to say no to hot footing it over to the Middle East for an ‘inspirational jaunt’?!

With little persuasion required, one half of S&G was on a plane to Dubai within a flash, vowing to return with some fresh ideas, hot pics for jewellery inspiration and a tan. Well two out of three ain’t bad…. (You can’t help being pale skinned okay!!)

Blessed with a room with a view of the Dubai marina, every single morning brought the visual treat of the sun rising over the mesmerising cityscape… (This was far more welcome the first morning as opposed to the days when the fire in the sky seemed a rude awakening following crashing into bed an hour earlier at 5am!) Definitely beats the grey view of Manchester at this time of year though!

Naturally, we set about experimenting with some of these fabulous graphic images straight away…

We’re excited to get started on these bad boys now… Keep your eyes peeled for more coming in collections this Summer 2012!

For more photo-finish glass pieces see our SanAn cuff, Sunset Rocks earring and various other pieces at our online store.

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