Smash… Grab… GO!

It’s official… Smash & Grab’s online jewellery shop is officially open for business… Just in time for Christmas!

We are extremely proud to launch our site and online store housing our brand new line of independent, limited edition and bespoke jewellery – courtesy of Lexnia Web Design.

Smash & Grab was established to provide a new concept for costume jewellery, salvaging recycled glass to create a line in which each piece is entirely unique. Due to the natural variation in our signature shattered glass, our range is free from repetition, enhanced by limited edition charms and silver.

In addition to the unique characteristics provided by the shattered glass, we are on a mission to restore old jewellery to recreate brand new, bespoke pieces. With the help of  our Charm Amnesty we are building up a stock of  vintage trinkets to create one  off designs and provide discount in return for donations….

For the latest information on Smash & Grab stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages and start sharing our SWAG now!!

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